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  • Pre-booking is no longer be required for the pool.

Manitoba’s largest leisure/wave pool
The leisure pool includes 6-25metre swim lanes, lazy river, tots pool area, zero beach and ramp entry, 212 foot waterslide and 14 person whirlpool.

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ALL schedules are subject to change, please check back regularly for any possible changes

  • Maximum Capacity is based on lifeguards on duty to ratio of pool patrons set by the Manitoba Public Health Act.  Numbers may vary depending on how many lifeguards are scheduled on duty.
  • Trained Lifeguards teach aquafit classes for motivational purposes.  The staff are not certified fitness instructors.  Please be sure to participate at your ability level and let staff know immediately if you have any abnormal pain or discomfort.  Those with medical conditions, new participants and those adding exercise into their life should seek medical advice prior to participating as there is an inherent risk of injury in any physical activity including the aquafit programs.
  • Regular Aquafit: A high energy class great for those looking for a full body workout, with fun energetic music. Also great for people with injuries or limited mobility as water is gentle on joints.
  • Senior Aquafit: This class is for 55+, the class is a slower, quieter more relaxed version of our regular Aquafit. Music volume is turned down for these classes.

Special Swim Times & Closures:

  • Closed Monday October 11th 2021

* Regular Public Swim Rates still apply during Special and/or Extended Swim Times.
* “Special Public Swim” refers to a public swim time change from the regular schedule, regular admission rates still apply.

Free Public Swim Times:

Not available at this time

* Regular Public Swim Rates do not apply during Free Public  Swim Times.
* Max Capacity will be strictly monitored.
* All children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Hot Tub Access Times:

Monday:   6 – 8:30am (members only) 11am – 1:30pm & 4-9pm
Tuesday:   6 – 8:30am (members only) 11:30am – 2pm & 5 – 9pm
Wednesday:   6 – 8:30am (members only) 9 – 10am, 11:30am – 1pm & 4 – 9pm
Thursday:   6 – 8:30am (members only) 11:30am – 2pm & 5 – 8pm
Friday:   6 – 8:30am (members only) 11:30am – 2pm & 4:30- 8pm
Saturday:    6 – 12pm (members only) & 12:30 – 7:30pm
Sunday:   7 – 9:30am (members only)  10am – 5pm

* Regular Public Swim Rates still apply to access the hot tub
* Holidays & special holiday schedules may effect the times, please check pool schedule for any time changes

Admission Rates: 

Adult    (18 to 59 years)   $7.00
Infant   (0 to 2 Years)   $3.00
Youth    (3 to 17 Years)   $7.00
Senior   (60 years +)   $7.00
*Family   $30.00

* 2021 Prices
* per use admission cost
* Note: Family is up to five members, maximum of 2 adults
* Children 10 years & under must be accompanied by an adult.
* All children 8 years and under must remain within arms reach of a parent or guardian at all times.  

Pool Rental Rates:

Local Casual Users   $135.00 /per hour
Visitor Casual User   $195.00 /per hour

* 2021 Pricing
* per use rental cost
* As per the Manitoba Health Act additional lifeguards may be required at an added fee per hour of $30.00 depending on number of patrons
* Renters will be notified of fees at time of booking
* To book call 204-857-7772 or email

Pool Party Package:

Pool Party ad $140.00 for 16 people public swimming with 2 hours in the pool party room

Pool Party Time Slots:
Fridays: 5-7pm
Saturdays: 2-4pm & 5-7pm
Sundays: 10am-12pm, 12:30- 2:30pm & 3-5pm
Shindleman Aquatic Centre printable party invitation

* 2021 Prices
* To book call 204-857-7772 or email

To book the Shindleman Aquatic Centre or a pool party contact our Reception at 204-857-7772 ex 2221

Rules & Guide Lines:

• PRRA Membership cards are non-transferable and cannot be used by someone other than yourself.
• Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied by someone 12 years of age (12 to 17 may accompany a max. of 2 children; adults may accompany a max. of 4 children)
• Children 8 years and younger must remain “WITHIN ARMS REACH” of guardian.
• Children 9 and 10 years of age must be ACTIVELY SUPERVISED by a guardian.
• Please shower before entering the pool to remove oils, creams and make up.
• Proper swimming attire is required.
• WALK on deck at all times.
• Diving is not allowed.
• Please stay off of the rocks and fences.
• If you hear a whistle, please look at the lifeguard, they have something important to tell you.
• Food or beverages (other than water) are not allowed in the pool area.
• No person shall engage in play hazardous to him/herself or others around the pool or facility.
• No person infected with a communicable disease or having open sores on his or her body shall enter the water.
• Aqua diapers are required for children ages 3 and under and are available at the front desk at no charge.
• The PRRA is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Lockers in all change rooms are free to use for the day but you must supply your own lock. Locks can also be purchased at Stride Place reception.
• Decision of the Lifeguard is final.
• Flotation devices (toys with reasonable dimensions and depending on current pool capacity) and life jackets are permitted. Tubes are available for public use and lifejackets can be rented at reception.
• No Re-Entry policy is in place for the Aquatic Centre, see reception for details.

Water Slide Rules:
• One person on slide at a time.
• Slide feet first, facing forwards only.
• No running start, spinning or equipment permitted on the slide.
• Before sliding, ensure that the person before you as completely cleared the slide.
• Exit slide basin immediately after sliding.
• Keep your hands inside the slide at all times.

Hot Tub Rules:
• Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
• No person shall remain in the hot tub longer than 10 minutes.
• Long hair must be restrained or tied up to minimize risk of being caught in equipment.
• Keep head above water at all times.
• It is recommended that pregnant women and persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or high or low blood pressure seek medical advice before entering the hot tub.

Disciplinary Action:
Lifeguards will operate under a three-strike system for those not abiding to the pool rules:
1. First offence will warrant a verbal warning.
2. Second offence will warrant a ten-minute timeout.
3. Third offence will warrant removal from the facility for the remainder of the swim.
The decision of the lifeguard is Final

In an effort to maintain the cleanliness of the facility, the PRRA asks that ALL patrons remove their outside footwear prior to entering the change rooms. Additionally, we ask that personal belongings be placed in the lockers. Lockers are free to use for the day but you must supply your own lock. Locks can be purchased at the Stride Place reception.

we take cash interac visa and mastercard
* Unless otherwise posted * Minimum $10 payment on Credit Card * A Cash Machine is located within the Stride Place