Rotary Republic of Manitobah Park

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rotary republic of manitoba park sign pictureLocated at 125 Cambridge Road
(east off River Road)

Rotary Republic Park offers 70 acres of outdoor recreational facilities, it is perfect to hold any outdoor sporting event.

• 9 Ball Diamonds (with lights) • 6 Fenced Diamonds • 1 Football/Rugby Field • 5 Soccer Pitches • 7 Mini Soccer Pitches • 2 Beach Volleyball Courts • Batting Cage • 2 Washroom Facilities

Park Schedules:

click for the basball diamond schedules

click for the soccer and football field schedules

For more information on Athletic Fields & Reservations call 204-857-7772 ext. 2237 or email; for cancellations only after 4 pm and weekends – call or text 204-856-3829 

Field status will be updated Monday-Friday by 1:30 pm.  *Website will NOT BE UPDATED over the weekend.

 B = Baseball Diamond,   S = Soccer Field,    F = Football/Rugby

B #1   B #2   B #3   B #4   B #5   B #6   B #7   B #8    B #9   B# Beaver Stadium

S #10   S #11   S #12   S #13   S #14   S #15    S #16   S #17   S #18   S #19   S #20   S #21   S #22   S #23   S #24   S #26

Football/Rugby #25           Beach Volleyball Court

Status Legend

OPEN = status indicates field is in playing condition. GREEN

DISCRETION = status indicates that the field is OPEN under the condition that if weather conditions deteriorate and there is potential for the field to become unsafe (too wet, slippery and/or unsafe) or your play will cause damaged then it will promptly be designated as CLOSED by user.  Cancel your event and reschedule. BLUE

CLOSED = status indicates field is unavailable for play until the next inspection date.  User takes on full responsibility for any damages or risk completely if sport field is played on. RED

IMPORTANT FACTS: In the event of inclement weather, leagues/coaches are responsible for ensuring the safety of their participants, assessing field conditions and stopping play if damage to the fields may occur.


Map of Rotary Republic of Manitobah Park – PDF

Map to Rotary Republic of Manitobah Park (Google Map) – LINK

Rental Rates: Baseball Diamond Rental Rates      (Republic & Beaver Stadium)          *2019 Rates
Youth Group:   Game w/Lines & Bases: $67.50       Double Game: $87.50       Practice/use: $35        Tournament Rate: $120 per field/day 8 hours
Adult Group:    Game w/Lines & Bases: $95            Double Game: $115            Practice/use: $35        Tournament Rate: $160 per field/day 8 hours
Senior Group:  Game w/Lines & Bases: $67.50       Double Game: $87.50       Practice/use: $35        Tournament Rate: $120 per field/day 8 hours
Visitor Rate:     Game w/Lines & Bases: $80            Double Game: $95             Practice/use: $50

Soccer Field Rental Rates          *2019 Rates
Youth Group:                             Per Use: $35            Tournament Rate: $100 per field/day 8 hours
Youth Group Mini A or B:        Per Use: $17.50        Tournament Rate: $50
Adult Group  Game:                 Per Use: $70         Practice/use: $50     Practice/per hour: $25   Tournament Rate: $150 per field/day 8 hours

Soccer Visitors:
Visitor Youth Group:      Practice/per use: $50            Game/per use: $70                Tournament Rate: $105 per field/day 8 hours
Visitor Adult Group:       Practice/per use: $60            Game/per use: $82.50          Tournament Rate: $155 per field/day 8 hours

Football / Rugby Field Rental Rates          *2019 Rates
Youth Group:                    field only/practice 3 hours: $35             field only/day 8 hours: $100
Adult Group:                     field only/practice 3 hours: $50             field only/ game 3 hours: $70

Football/Rugby Visitors:
Youth Group:                     field only /3 hours: $50        field only/ game 3 hours: $70           $105 per field only /day 8 hours
Adult Group:                      field only /3 hours: $60         field only/ game 3 hours: $80          $145 per field only/day 8 hours

Beach Volleyball Court Rates     *2019 Rates
All Users: $30 per use
Netting & Infield Rakings: Free with rental

Batting Cages
All Users  Free

Additional Services     *2019 Rates
Line Painting Baseball   Per Application: $30            (Pitches & Diamonds)
Line Painting Soccer  Per Application: $0                
Line Painting Football   Per Application: $160            (Fall)
Line Painting Rugby   Per Application: $145              (Spring)
Lights – Diamond #9  Per Use: $32
In-field Raking     Per Rake / Diamond: $24
Portable Fencing   Per Diamond: $75                        (Diamonds #1-8)
Field Watering   Per Watering:  $14
Maintenance Staff    Per Hour: $25
Vehicle Access Permit  Per Vehicle: $10/ per day

Community Garden Spots:

Every late spring until late fall the PRRA is offering community garden spots at Rotary Republic Park.

If you are interested in a garden spot please email us at to be added to the list.



Parking Map of the Rotary Republic Park:


manitoba liquor and lotteries logoThe PRRA is happy to announce that the projects to improve diamonds 7 & 8 are close to being completed! These diamonds now have new sheltered dugouts that will keep our teams dry and out of the wind. Improved fence lines to make sure balls stay in play. Renovated pitching mounds and infields to improve play and a new dual lane batting cage! These improvements will benefit our community for many years to come and we can’t thank our donors enough! Our funders include: Manitoba Liqour & Lotteries, Portage la Prairie Rotary Club, City of Portage la Prairie and a Local Donor.